Chris Lane

Past DJ Hall of Fame Inductees


Chris Lane was named posthumously into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame in 2001. A native of Kansas City, MO, he attended Rockhurst College and then the University of Kansas. Beginning in radio in 1953, Chris served as on-air personality/program director for various stations over the next 10 years. In 1963, he joined KAYO in Seattle, WA where he moved the station to a very successful modern country format that he created. He did the same thing in 1964 for WJJD, Chicago and WPLO, Atlanta, GA. In 1968, he took the former all news WIL, St. Louis, MO to a modern country format for Lin Broadcasting before moving on to KEGL, San Jose, CA and KWG, Stockton, CA. Stints with KGBS, Los Angeles; the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service; KLAC, Los Angeles, CA and KNX Newsradio followed.

Chris received Billboard's 1976 award for Best Syndicated Feature Program for his "Christmas in the Country"; was named Country Program Director of the Year five times between 1964 and 1969 as well as Radio Man of the Year in 1965 and Country Music Director of the Year in 1965. He was a recipient of the Bill Gavin "Men of the Year" national award and served as a member of the Board of Directors Country Music Association in Nashville and for the Academy of Country Music in Los Angeles, CA. He created the format and emceed "Big Country," an 18-hour automated broadcast product for automated stations in the US and Canada; created the "Legend Makers" series that was carried over 70 stations plus wrote and hosted "Country Report." He did voice-over's for CBS Television Network's Saturday morning block of shows; appeared on "Cheers," "General Hospital" and made six appearances in NBC's six-hour mini-series, "Favorite Son." He rounded out the 90's as the daily Food News co-anchor for KNX Newsradio and hosting in-flight country shows for American, TWA and Southwest Airlines.