The Largest Study Ever of Country's P1 Listeners, Part III
CRB, Inc. presents "The Largest Study Ever of Country's P1 Listeners, Part III." This study continues the longest ongoing national study of Country partisans and looks at attitudes of country listeners on everything from the state of the current product to the impact on Country radio of MySpace, HD Radio and even Bon Jovi. Tracking data from the past three years will be reviewed, along with new observations and predictions for 2007.

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Hispanic Study
This study analyzes Census statistics and Arbitron data, combined with an original nationally sampled survey of Hispanic Americans and one-on-one in-depth interviews conducted in both Spanish and English, video-recorded and presented with subtitles as needed. The focus is on Hispanics aged 12-49.

To view videos related to the presentation, visit Edison Media Research's website by clicking here.

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What Happens When New Music Gets Played: The Impact of New Songs on the Country Radio Audience Insights from PPM, Media Monitors and Coleman
In the study, we will compare and contrast what happens when established artists and breaking artists are played on country radio. Specifically, we will answer the following questions:

  • As spins increase, does the "tune-away" rate drop?
  • On average, what spin count is needed for the tune-away rate to drop?
  • What is the life cycle of a country song?
  • If multiple stations in the same market add a new song, how does that affect it's initial "tune-away" rate?
  • Does it really matter when, by daypart, you "break" a song?
  • Are there early predictors of whether or not a song will make it?

And we'll be looking at this for various types of songs, ballads, "beer drinking," uptempo, patriotic and we'll be looking at this for superstars as well as breaking artists.

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