Country Radio Broadcasters: Mission Statement

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. was created to provide a platform and structure for education and growth for the Country Music format, serving as the conduit connecting the interests of Country Radio with the Country Music Industry.

Our motto is and has always been "Growth Thru Sharing"! That motto led to the Country Radio Seminar®, which continues to evolve, educate and promote the exchange of ideas and business practices which keep the Country Format dominant and vital.

We bring Country Radio broadcasters from around the nation together to enhance skills, facilitate business, and promote the growth of the industry.

We value professionalism and ethics within our industries and our organization, as we value humanitarian endeavors that improve the quality of our lives."

Country Radio embraces our changing business environment and technologies as we strive to continue as the primary medium for the exposure of Country songs and recordings.

Since our founding as Country Radio Broadcasters in 1969, the number of Country Radio stations in the United States has grown from about 600 to almost 1700 today. Country continues to be the dominant radio format in America.