Radio Humanitarian Awards

The CRB Humanitarian Award is presented to full time country radio stations for their efforts to improve the quality of life for communities they serve.

The 2012 Award will be presented to stations in Large (markets 1-50), Medium (markets 51-130), and Small (markets 131+) categories for public service performed between November 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011.

To be considered, submit a brief written presentation (two p ages maximum including photos) summarizing the details or your station's community service performed during that period. The deadline is Monday, January 9, 2012, and submissions should be e-mailed to

For a complete listing of past Radio Humanitarian Award winners, click here.

Artist Humanitarian Awards

The Country Radio Broadcasters leads the industry in recognizing the humanitarian achievements of Country artists. In 1990 the CRB instituted an Artist Humanitarian Award, which was first presented during the 21st Country Radio Seminar.

This award is given at the discretion of the Country Radio Broadcasters Board of Directors For a complete listing of past Artist Humanitarian Award winners, click here.

Tom Rivers Humanitarian Award

The intent of this award, given at the discretion of the Country Radio Broadcasters Board of Directors is to recognize an individual in the Country Radio industry who has displayed a magnanimous spirit of caring and generosity in service to their community. This is not an annual award, but given when the board feels an individual, through outstanding service, warrants the recognition.

It is presented in honor of CRB Board member Tom Rivers, who died March 19th 2004 at age 38 of bronchial asthma. Rivers, known for his work at WQYK, Tampa/St. Petersburg and WUSN, Chicago, was highly regarded for his exemplary public service.

Past receipients of the Tom Rivers Humanitarian Award include:

2017 - Peter Smyth
2015 - Jeff Smulyan
2011 - Mary Quaas
2010 - George G. Beasley
2009 - Mick Anselmo, Sr.
2007 - Larry Wilson
2006 - John Hines
2005 - Tom Rivers