Mike McVay is excited about #CRS2013

Feb 20 2013

“I’m excited to see this year’s research presentation by Larry Rosin of Edison Research. Larry always gives us useable information that helps country radio as a format. The face of country music today is due, in large part, to the many studies that the Country Radio Seminar has presented each year.”

“Dark Chocolate, Cabernet Sauvignon, cigars with friends and late nights. Thank goodness that one of this year’s themes is health. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent and Cumulus Media Networks host, will speak. The Cleveland Clinic Heart Lab will be provide “IT” testing and charting the health of the country format. This year’s CRS will be one of the most memorable.”

Friends and the social events:

“The sessions are always educational and enlightening. The opportunity to meet the artists as well as hear their new music is exciting and furthers the familial feel of the country format. Meeting old friends and meeting new friends enlarges my circle of contacts and is valuable to me in the future when we’re looking for talent of program directors to fill an opening. For some legends, it’s their first time to the CRS. Cadillac Jack, WKHX/Atlanta, is attending his first CRS after 20-years in the business.  Welcome Caddy!”


“I’ve never been to a radio conference with more opportunities to learn about the format, about the music or about the consumer. The Country radio Seminar has remained true to its mission to further the music type and grow the success of the broadcasters who attend. I have learned something in every one of the 15 years that I’ve been attending CRS. Much of what I learn can be sued in multiple formats. It is not exclusive to Country radio.”


“The very first time I attended a CRS was an eye opening experience. I’d never seen a radio seminar where broadcasters were in unison in helping to grow the audience and consumer taste for a format. Friends and foes alike shared ideas on how to build the country audience. I’d never seen a format where the artists were more open to meeting everyone that approached them, happy to help the stations build audiences and I’d never met performers (some true stars) that we more generous and giving with their time. Genuine people. From Bob Kingsley’s Acoustic Alley to hearing from our industry titans, people like Lew Dickey and Jeff Smulyan, CRS is unique. The common denominator is music. “


mike mcvay