CRS 2014 - Why Choosy Brands Choose Country

Feb 20 2014

    During the Why Choosy Brands Choose Country panel Julie Craig, Shari Lewin, Darcie Law, Mike Weidman, and Laura Hutfless spoke on how different major brands work with artists. The brands that were represented during this panel are Chevrolet and Cracker Barrel. CAA and William Morris were also present to talk on how the agencies go about working with sponsors. Darcie Law and Mike Weidman were in the panel to represent Chevrolet and they spoke about their relationship with country superstar Brad Paisley. They spoke about he approached Chevrolet to sponsor him due to his personal connection with the brand. Julie Craig was there to represent Cracker Barrel and she talked about how Cracker Barrel is about creating a wholesome experience and that country music is a great way to represent that.  

    During the panel the five panelists talked about the timing of sponsorships and working with emerging talents. The panelists spoke on how even though the two might be a good fit but they aren’t able to work together during a certain time period maybe because the brand has already put in their fiscal reports or how the artists’ single didn’t chart.  For emerging talent to really pitch to a brand or an agency it is important to have a natural and authentic connection with a brand and to have a very important story. They also said that it is important to show how you can make their brand reach a new fan base.  Another very important point all of the panelists have talked about during this panel is that is important to have an authentic connection with a brand and to understand what a brand stands for.  Laura Hutfless said to give advice to Emerging Artists to really connect with a brand “Every brand has a product to sell and how are you going to be a solution to that problem.”