CRS 2014 - Research Presentation

Feb 19 2014

Edison Research presented CRS with the findings of their 2013 national survey of the “Millennial” generation as it relates to the country music. Larry Rosin, Megan Lazovick and Jayne Chameski, who championed the study, defined “Millennails” as those born between the years of 1980 and 2000. Millennials have a broad range of interests that make them a challenging group to target without first recognizing their diverse tastes in music. Millennials need radio to appeal to their diversity and offer a sense of identity. Local stations should serve as the solid ground among the fast pace lives and short attention span of a trendy generation. According to Edison, smartphone ownership has led to Millenials engaging in an average of 4.4 social networks. With that said, a radio station needs to “filter” what they should pay attention to as their brains are oversaturated with media and messages. Programmers have the power to determine which songs are considered worth listening to in a time where the music options seem endless. Edison also suggested that Millennials are more likely to have an affinity to a radio format that plays up their local roots. A station’s local exclusives and participation in the community is what will differentiate them from the available content that is streamed the same everywhere and accessed anywhere.