CRS 2014 - Radio ICE: Broadcasting In Case of Emergency

Feb 20 2014
“Don’t give away the opportunity to serve your community,” says McVay New Media’s Dan Halyburton. This time, the opportunity he was referring to was in response to local emergencies. Joining Halyburton was WKIS/Miami’s Ken Boesen, WKLB/Boston’s Mike Brophey and ABC News/New York’s Howard Price. They all had important tips for developing the best execution plan possible for successfully guiding a community through an emergency. They also spoke on the importance of keeping station employees safe by keeping them informed.
Information should be very basic and accurate. It should be repeated several times. Always consider your sources and carefully consider your words during a sensitive time.
“Radio is at its best when times are at their worst,” Boesen said.
Employees must know the action plan. This includes taking the time to assess, analyze, alert and act. After a plan is set, it’s critical that it is actually tested. Guidance for all of this is available at
Just as the panel was ending, mention of incoming severe weather in Nashville was beginning. Ironically, the Radio ICE experts advised to download the Red Cross “Tornado App” which began alerting those with a smart phone shortly after.