CRS 2014 - "Muscle Shoals: The Magic in the Music"

Feb 19 2014

“Muscle Shoals: The Magic in the Music” Sponsored by Muscle Shoals to Music Row Live and Alabama Tourism
Feb 19 2014 – It was a true honor for music industry professionals to attend a panel with Muscle Shoal musicians, turned business men, turned legends! CRS President Charlie Morgan welcomed Rick Hall, Jimmie Johnson, Spencer Oldham, Mac McAnally and David Hood to the CRS stage. “To say we have music greatness on this stage is an understatement,” the moderator said.

These producers and musicians star as themselves in the award-winning documentary Muscle Shoals (Magnolia Pictures). They are responsible for the iconic sound of artists such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin and more. Their music seemed to be the soundtrack of the 60’s and set the benchmark for future music in all genres. Songs such as “Free Bird” were used in the presentation as a Muscle Shoal’s song that has remained so relevant throughout the years.
A highlight was when Mac McAnally performed his hit song that he cut with Kenny Chesney, “Down The Road”. The audience just seemed to sway and quietly sing along as they soaked in the sweet performance of a legend.
Later in the day, CRS attendees were invited to view the Muscle Shoals movie that explained in more detail the journey of how small town talent turned into to big time success.