CRS 2014 - Little Big Town "Perseverance"

Feb 19 2014

CRS 2014 - Perseverance - Little Big Town

   To help kick off the first day of Country Radio Seminar hit band Little Big Town talked about their “Perseverance” in the music industry. The panel started with a short video showcasing their 14 year journey to finally become the 2013 CMA Vocal Group of Year. Bob Kingsley moderated the panel and asked the band to speak about all of the experiences they had during the past 14 years, the band has been on three different labels before signing with their current label Capital Records. The band started talking about how they formed and knew that Little Big Town was meant to be. Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild went into a story about how the two met first during choir class and when they became friends and started talking they always knew that they wanted to do a four piece band with two other guys. It took them sometime but when they found Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook and when they sang together for the first time they knew that they had something special. Jimi said that even just hanging out just the band he felt like they were family and like they knew each other their whole lives.  

            The band talked about there darkest times and how they overcame getting dropped from three labels and losing Kimberly’s husband in the middle of the craziness. Karen Fairchild said “If you actually held on to things that went wrong on this business and got bitter you would never get anywhere” about how you just have to look at whats next and not focus on the bad. Bob Kingsley asked them why they just didn’t give up after getting dropped, why didn’t they just leave and Philp Sweet said “it just always felt unfinished and we wanted to complete it.” Throughout the talk the passing of Kimberly’s husband came up several times and when asked directly about she said that “It’s the people that remind you to breathe, the people that bring you a sandwich and pick you up of the bathroom floor” in response to how she got through that terrible tragedy. Towards the very end of the panel Little Big Town finally got to talk about their crazy success as a band. They talked about signing to their current label Capital and getting the chance to make “Tornado” and see that blow up. Little Big Town is currently back in the studio to record a new album.