CRS 2014 - CMA Presentation: Building a Strong Brand No Matter What

Feb 20 2014

Country Music Association welcomed media strategist Mark Ramsey to the CRS stage to pinpoint what audiences wants radio to say both on-air and social media. A main takeaway being that “hit” radio stations are not determined solely by the songs that they play. Instead, a radio station should know what of their content is exclusive and focus on that. Although there are many things that the listeners demand of radio, only three elements remain unique and irreplaceable by other formats: companionship, belonging, betterness and star access. Alternatives lack the heart and personality of music, entertainment and local news. Therefore, the best thing a radio station can do for itself is focus on making those components as passionate as possible. Ramsey advises broadening the way you define your “target audience”, but shaping up the way you invest. When it comes to investments, Ramsey say, “Go big or go home!”