CRS 2014 - Brand Like a Rockstar

Feb 20 2014

Brand Like A Rockstar - Steve Jones - CRS 2014

    Steve Jones took the stage early this morning at Country Radio Seminar, he started of the panel this morning by talking about his book “Brand Like A Rock star.” He went through the different ideas branding and how many different aspect of it are. He went though and said that Brands are more then logos and slogans and that your logo’s are about the emotions that your brand’s logo evokes.  He talked about how the brand is what you feel when you find something you love or when your go somewhere you hate.  He went through the top 10 aspects of how to Brand.  He went over how to consistent much like rock band AC/DC.  Make sure that you have core values that define you is also very important in how you brand yourself.  He says “you will likely fail at beating your competitor is you focus on being better then them” when you have to focus on being different and not better.  Steve Jones said that it is important to not worry about being laughed at. Next up he taught us to create an experience, much like Jimmy Buffet did for his fans. Fans will buy into experiences not products.  After this, Steve Jones said that you make sure to live up to customer expectations.  He brings up a point that you have to live up to the expectations of your fans. You have to be what your fans think you are, you have to understand what your fans see you as or they will feel violated.

    Rule number 5 is to Find Your One Thing.  If you are great at one thing you will beat the radio station that is good at many things. You have to be focused on what your one thing and use that to make your brand what it is. You have to figure out what you “One Thing” is. You have to make sure that your one thing isn’t something that your competitors can’t take from you.  To make sure that your brand is being kept up with you have to make smart risks. Steve Jones says that you must experiment and not be afraid to fail. You may find your next great innovation during your failure.  Rule #3 is know and understand your enemy.  He says it is important that you know your enemy and that your brand can do better. These enemies help define you as a brand. It is important to understand your enemies core values and use them against them.  Rule #2 is that you have to have fun and be real. This is important because human beings don’t fall in love with perfection we fall in love with human beings. Steve Jones using Taylor Swift as an example and how he loves her honesty and how human she is. Taylor uses her honesty in her interactions and her music to really create a bond with her fans.  It is important to be honest with your fans and it’ll truly impact how they see you as a brand. The most important rule from today is always turn it up to eleven, it is important that you have “leave it all on stage.” Rock star brands give everything they can do there fans no matter what.