CRS 2013: It's a Wrap!

Mar 11 2013

CRS 2013: It's a Wrap!


Well, the rooms are empty, trash is picked up. Drink glasses and beer bottles disappeared. The lighting, amps, rigging, video wall, and jumbo-trons, all loaded out.

All that is left are the great memories of presentations and conversations, new crazy ideas generated, new and old relationships kindled, and hopefully a new
passionate "fire-branded" energy and enthusiasm for our industries: Country Radio and Country Music!

I know that's what is coursing thru my veins at this writing. We just finished the CRS big de-brief meeting and all of us on this end are jubilant! We have a great team and a legion of volunteers and vendors who definitely bring their "A" game each and every year, 2013 was no exception.

Attendance was up again this year by 3% and that makes a cumulative increase of 45% over the last four years. All of this do to the great work everyone does for CRS!

This year the Agenda Committee rocked with great content all week long. We tried a new concept with bringing in a featured speaker daily and so far, feedback has been over-the-top on Jeff Smulyan, David Dixon, and Dr. Sanja Gupta. Respectively, they gave great presentations on the new FM smartphone chip and it's impact on the radio industry, the lessons to be learned from radio's effectiveness in political media strategy, and how important maintaining one's health is to your career and life.

In addition to incredible sessions with great actionable content on topics like: social media marketing, mobile music, programmer mentoring, marketing strategies, PPM, brainstorming techniques, etc, etc, etc...What a blessing the Cleveland Heart Lab free "inflammation test" was. I hope you took full advantage of that opportunity!

The great learning , the great music, the great PEOPLE.....the FUN, if it's not FUN, your doing it wrong!

"Thank You" for making CRS 2013 a huge success! I promise we are already at work on CRS 2014...Save the date now: Feb 19 - 21, 2014!

Bill Mayne