February 22-24, 2017

E.g., 2017-10-18
Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom, A-C
Reigniting a creative culture to help bring new ideas and revenue. This panel will bring fun and function to the creative process to show the real start to finish process successful promos are born from.
John Trapane - EMI Nashville
Omni, Level 3, Cumberland Rooms 1-6

Get up close and personal with reps from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube as they explain how to best use each platform to increase your brand reach and engagement.



Malika Quemerais - Facebook/Instagram

Granger Smith - Wheelhouse

Gloria stitt - shareablee



Becky Brenner

Omni, Level 2, Broadway Ballroom Pre-function area
Omni, Level 2, Broadway Pre-Function

Sponsored by Ivie & Associates

Omni, Level 2, Broadway Ballroom

BMLG will have a very special luncheon performance event. Lunch and special showcase performance sponsored by BMLG.

A Thousand Horses
Trent Harmon
Delta Rae
Carly Pearce
Maddie and Tae
Omni, Level 1, Omni Lobby

Whether you want to do a little "Day Drinking" with clients or "Drink A Beer" with friends after hours, stop by the all new CRS Lobby Bar - sponsored by your friends at vCreative. Cheers!

UMG Library Lounge

Once again, Eric Church is delivering a first for his fans! Eric breaks ground as the very first artist in any genre to deliver a ticketed immersive VR experience using 8 camera angles and 360 degree audio from DTS, which uses head tracking technology, allowing fans to feel as though they’re rocking with The Chief.
Come experience it first-hand using a Samsung Gear VR headset.


Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom, A-C

How to brand, own, and sell events to create revenue and build market awareness.


Dave Anthony - Froggy

Paige Nienbauer

Jason Toy- Kindred Communications

Dhruv Prasad

Marie Miscia - Cumulus Nashville Promotions

Moderator: Tom Baldrica